Scottish filmmaker Bryan M. Ferguson's short film The Misbehaviour of Polly Paper Cut is an aesthetically peculiar and absorbing take on a story of a girl so in love with comic books’ antiheroes that she simply decides to become one. Polly sets on a road of mischief and crime, convincing herself she is livelying up her boring Florida hometown and actively waiting for her own archenemy to show up. The Misbehaviour of Polly Paper Cut is a short, twisted version of Kick Ass with a much better looking protagonist.

Predominantly a filmmaker, Bryan M. Ferguson, first pressed his eye to the viewfinder of a DSLR to sustain his obsession to create visuals when film projects would disperse. He has been taking photographs in between motion picture projects since 2008 and finds comfort being the eyes in the dark focusing their vision on a single frame as opposed to 24 per second.

I’m a Filmmaker/Photographer from Glasgow, Scotland. I took up photography 5 or 6 years ago as a way to vent my creative frustrations when film projects would fray, but soon after I really began to adore the medium as I was able to focus intently on a single frame. The challenge to provoke thought without the luxury of having 24 images per second was one I relished. That said, my heart will always lie with cinema. Creating interesting visuals is my greatest passion and one I have had from a very young age.

I’m not sure how I’d describe my work, it’s difficult for me to look at my work objectively. I find it uncomfortable to really talk about it in such a way. I find my films often focus on psychological disarray or the abstruse side of sexual perversion and I believe aspects of this seeps into my photography and it can at times be quite dark but in a more implicit way. The vast majority of my images have quite a cinematic feel. Another thing that’s consistent is my use of light, shadows and colour. I’ve always found it interesting to create a visual cast in shadows but to have colour bleed into the image or to have a bright and colourful image with an offbeat focal point with something foreboding under the skin of the photograph.

Also I would really appreciate, if you have an extra 28 seconds to view the teaser trailer for my upcoming 40 minute film, ODD POSTURE. It’s finally close to completion after 2 and half years of work.—Bryan M. Ferguson

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Dir: Bryan M. Ferguson
Cast: James Robinson, Gerard Bonner, Darryl Girvan, Hailey Maxwell, Stascia Bantouvakis, Fred Bonner.
Synopsis: A doppleganger with the uncontrollable ability to bodyhop finds himself transported into a dark and highly charged situation while on the hunt for his lover.
Year: 2014 
Running Time: 40:00

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